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Ignite Spot’s services match your needs and budget. We help businesses like yours increase profitability through bookkeeping, virtual CFO, and controller services.

Plans Starting at Just $417 a Month


Base Package

CASH RECONCILIATIONS: Know where you stand on cash.

BILL PAYMENT: Enjoy a clean and managed bill payment system using

INVOICING: Systematize your invoicing and get paid faster using

DOCUMENT PORTAL: Effortlessly gather your bills, invoices, and other documents into an online portal.

OPTIMIZED COA: Convert your QuickBooks file into an organized reporting platform.

CREDIT CARDS: Track spending habits for better performance.

SALES TAX: Rest assured that your taxes are reported and filed accurately and on time. This service does incur $100 per return filed via Avalara only.

2X DATA UPDATES: Get two touchpoints a month with your bookkeeper to ensure your details are in line for the end of the year.

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Monthly Price

0.5% of revenue



Silver Package

Includes Bookkeeper Plan: The accountant plan includes everything in the bookkeeper plan plus the following benefits!

PAYROLL SUPPORT: Take care of your reporting of payroll from Gusto, ADP, Paychex, or Rippling. This service does incur $150 per payroll cycle for administration.

ASSETS: Monitor your most important purchases.

DEBT RECONCILIATION: Get clarity on your larger obligations.

MONTHLY REPORTING SUITE: Lead confidently with monthly financial reporting.

2X FINANCIAL UPDATES: Get two touchpoints a month with your accountant to ensure your financial statements are accurate.

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Monthly Price

0.75% of revenue



Gold Package

KPI TRACKING:  Execute on the five KPIs Ignite Spot has found are critical to a company's wealth. These are gross profit %, net income %, modified quick ratio, change in revenue over time, average days collections / payments. 

SEGMENT REPORTING: Analyze your business performance by department, project, or business line. Get a monthly report showing profitability per segment along with professional coaching to improve financial performance.

BUDGET TO ACTUAL REPORTING: We will create your business budgets each year, enter them into your accounting software, and then track performance and adjust budgetary plans monthly.  Your coaching calls will include a review of graded performance against the budget and how you can improve financially.

PROCESS & WORKFLOW DESIGN: Your Controller will dedicate 2 hours per month to the design of efficient accounting and business processes within your company. 

2X COACHING UPDATES: Get two meetings a month with your Controller. The first one is usually a check-in to ensure targeted focus, while the second meeting is an in-depth conversation to address financial strategy and review of the month.

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Monthly Price

1.5% of revenue



Platinum Package

CASHFLOW FORECAST: Design a lucrative future for your business.

CUSTOM KPI REPORT: Create and coach on custom KPIs specific to your business needs.

BREAK-EVEN ANALYSIS:  Ensure that your business maintains a healthy expense management structure.

COMMISSION / BONUS STRUCTURE:   Utilize profits and cash at year-end to appropriately pay out staff and owners.

CASH RESERVE MODELING:  Execute on a plan that generates healthy cash reserves for lasting company wealth.

2X STRATEGY UPDATES: Develop a plan to reach your financial goals. Get two touchpoints from your CFO each month!

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Monthly Price

2.25% of revenue



How Our Pricing Works

Ignite Spot's packages are billed as a percentage of your annual revenue.
To figure out what your package would cost, fill out the form below.
 *Note that request for work done outside of these packages may require custom pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if my books aren't clean?


We spend the first 30-60 days of our engagement getting your business "book-ready." We don't go back and fix every possible transaction because that would be cost-prohibitive. Instead, we focus on the following five tasks to get you started quickly and affordably. Those five tasks are:

1.  Conversions: Your team will seamlessly convert you to one of our three chart of accounts for optimized reporting. This will also include a conversion to QuickBooks Online, if needed.

2.  Create a one-time balance sheet entry that ties all statement accounts to last month's statements, and for all other accounts, ties to an approved amount by the client. This one entry will be documented and signed by the client. In this step, we will also create a prepaid schedule.

3. Reconcile revenue to your third-party invoicing system, or if you use QuickBooks, provide a review of receivables.

4. Tie payroll to year-to-date reports with a single journal entry.

5. Review of accounts payable.

What if I'm not in QuickBooks or Xero, but I want you to help convert me?

We're happy to help with conversions and do it all the time. The cost is included in your first month's fee.

Can I customize any of the accounting packages you offer?

The short answer is no—and here's why. We've built a system to deliver on-time invoicing, payments, and analytical reports for our clients. We are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google because our system works.

Please Note: We do offer CFO and Controller as a stand-alone service. Book a call to get pricing. 

How is my monthly fee calculated?

We charge a small percentage of your annual revenue motivating us to help you grow. As your business gets bigger, the workload increases. Your monthly fee is based on a rolling 12-month average and is calculated quarterly. 

Please note that our fees do not include monthly software costs that you may incur through tools such as QuickBooks or Bill.

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Will my monthly fee change?

We charge a small percentage of your annual revenue, motivating us to help you grow. When your business gets bigger, the workload increases. Your monthly fee will go up or down depending on your growth.

Your monthly fee is based on a rolling 12-month average and is calculated quarterly. 

I want to meet with a real person. What's next?

We are always happy to meet! Even if we aren't the right fit, we'll at least be able to point you in the right direction. Book time with us HERE.

My business is seasonal. Can I reduce services in my off months?

We understand that many factors impact your finances. This is why our billing model is so attractive to businesses. Because our fee is based on a 12-month revenue average, your monthly cost stabilizes to a comfortable cost.

What is a "touchpoint"?

A touchpoint is an update from your team via email or recorded video message. Your preference on how you prefer to communicate will determine how you receive these updates.

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Do you offer tax services?

We do not offer income tax services. This service is best provided by someone specialized in your state. However, we will work with your CPA and provide them necessary documentation throughout the year.

Please Note: We do offer sales tax services to our clients via our partnership with a third-party solution.

When am I billed each month?

We keep it simple. Your bill will be drafted in advance on the first of each month.

My annual revenue is less than $500k. Why aren't we a fit?

Our monthly fees are based on a percentage of your annual revenue. $500,000 or below results in a monthly fee that is too small to cover our costs. Additionally, our services tend to be excessive for businesses in the startup phase.

Do you require Contracts?

We do not lock our clients into long-term contracts. We have to earn your business every month to sustain a long-lasting relationship. If you decide to disengage, we simply ask that you provide a 30-day written notice to allow the proper time to hand off your books to a new solution.

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Am I able to purchase CFO or Controller services only?

Absolutely—businesses choose this option all the time. If your bookkeeping needs are already met, but you still need a high-level consulting partner, we've got you covered. To get a quote for Controller or CFO services, schedule a call with us.

What if I have an emergency and need to reach my accountant outside of my normal scheduled time?

If you have an urgent matter that comes up before your scheduled time, you have the ability to reach out to your team with the subject title “URGENT.” Your team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Please remember that most accounting needs can be handled during our regularly scheduled visits.

I have a specific report I need each month for my banker or board members, can you provide that for me?

Our Accounting Package includes reports that meet the needs of most banking and investor institutions. In addition, if you find yourself in need of custom reports, our Controller and CFO services are capable of providing these.


Our Secret Sauce


Dedicated Accounting Team

Your business will have access to an assigned team of accountants to help you reach your financial goals.


U.S.-Based and Fully Remote

The entire Ignite Spot team is in the U.S., and employees are hired based on rigorous accounting reviews.

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Records Transparency

See what’s going on with your QuickBooks records any time to understand your financial position and the actions your team has taken.


90-Day Onboarding

Ignite Spot gets to know you, your business, and your accounting needs over an initial period to better define and pursue goals.

Ignite Spot Financial Services has been an integral part of GlobalED Solution's financial success. Initially, we were looking for general support for QuickBooks. Since that time, Ignite Spot has introduced us to additional features that have strengthened and boosted our productivity. We are impressed with Ignite Spot and our representative's progressivism, who offers superb customer service, knowledge, guidance, dependability, and trust in the services delivered.

Dana Lambert

GlobalEd Solutions

Right away, the books were more organized, and tax time was a breeze instead of a migraine. They were also suddenly NY-tax law compliant—without the fear of unknowingly overpaying the government.

Dwight and Robyn McLeod

Capstone Strategy Group

It has the potential to change your life as a business owner. I know that sounds crazy—it's an accounting firm!—but it really took away some significant stresses for us.

Nicola James

Thomas Brooke International

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